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We are working on accepting credit cards but in the mean time please fill in the form below, print (via browser print button) and send with a cheque or postal order made out to J.Johnson to the address on the foot of the page. If you would like to know about ordering in other currency's please email us (addresses below).


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IJay - Jah Knows                                            Qty          5:50

Spliff Riff - Live                                              Qty         5:50

Dubjay - Dance of the Eclipse (Single)            Qty          3:50

Dubjay - The Album                                       Qty          5:50

Dave Reece Band - Drive Your T/bird             Qty         4:00

Dave Reece Band - Sons of Independence       Qty         4:00

The Amharic - His Imperial Majesty               Qty         6:50

Little Roy - More From A Little                     Qty         6:50

Ambient Warrior - Dub Journeys                   Qty         6:50

Lion Roots - Lion Roots In Dub Volume 1    Qty         6:50

Various Artists - Live With Attitude              Qty          5:00

I-Jay - Acoustic Messenger                            Qty          6:00

Various Artists - Farnborough Groove 9        Qty          5:00

Postage & Packing                                              


Mail To: Mr J.Johnson, 221 Sandy Hill Road, Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey. GU9-0EE U.K

Or if you want more information, bulk orders or any damn thing please

email: Ijay@wsronline.f9.co.uk

or: C.@wsronline.f9.co.uk


Please excuse the lighter background, but were trying to save those colour cartridges when you print the form.

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